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Sultan Sazlığı Bird Sanctuary Museum

Sultan Sazlığı, 70 kilometers away from the center of Kayseri, north of Erciyes, is a paradise for those who want to observe nature, hosting around 300 bird species and nearly 400 plant species.

Some of the birds, including the crane, flamingo and the white-tailed bird, prefer this beautiful wetland as a living space, some to stop and rest, and some to give birth to their young. You can go boating among the reeds and photograph birds that are monuments of elegance and sophistication against a fascinating backdrop of green, blue and yellow.

Sultan Marshes, a large part of which is covered with reeds, sometimes contain reeds, headworts and vines. In clear weather, there are water lilies and irises in the lake, as well as many floating reed islands. This freshwater complex is separated to the south and north by Lake Sagittarius, a salty lake. It is one of the most important wetlands in our country due to its rich biological diversity within the Central Anatolian steppe ecosystem and the intersection of two main bird migration routes used by migratory birds between Africa and Europe in this area.

Sultan Marshes, located on the foothills of Erciyes, contributes to the economy of our province in the field of wickerwork and handicrafts, as well as its natural beauty. Our consciously educated villagers in the area contribute to the country's economy by producing reeds and reed handicraft products in the autumn.

Sultan Marshes is the intersection point of two main bird migration routes between Africa and Europe. Sultan Marshes, located between Develi, Yeşilhisar and Yahyalı districts of Kayseri, is one of the most important bird sanctuaries in Turkey and hosts 301 types of birds.
There are walking tracks, bird observation towers and huts within the national park. Finally, the "Bird Museum", which is both technologically equipped and visually striking, is offered to visitors.

The museum includes a section with copies of 40 bird species living in Sultansazlığı National Park and a promotional section equipped with technological facilities. In the museum, where visitors can watch the Sultansazlığı National Park with 5 different cameras, there is a section on bird species. Detailed information about the site is also presented to visitors.

Source: Kayseri Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

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