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Erciyes Mountain (Ski Resort) - Kayseri

Erciyes Mountain is the symbol of Kayseri with its summit piercing the clouds and its ever-present snow. Mount Erciyes, which has the title of the first largest mountain in the Central Anatolia Region and the 5th largest mountain in Turkey, maintains its importance in terms of winter tourism, mountain climbing and plateau tourism and is flooded with visitors at all times of the year. The first natural wonder that comes to mind when Kayseri is mentioned is Mount Erciyes, which reaches up to the clouds with its snow-white peak in all seasons.

Erciyes (3917m), which formed Cappadocia thanks to its eruptions 30 million years ago, is an extinct volcano. Probably because of the snow that did not melt, the Hittites gave it a name meaning White Mountain. Erciyes Mountain, which is flocked by ski enthusiasts, athletes, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts every season with its Harkasos powder snow, challenging climbing routes, rich flora, fauna and springs, promises a beautiful Erciyes holiday thanks to the comfortable accommodation opportunities it offers.< /span>

Erciyes, one of the mountains most preferred by professional athletes for mountaineering and glacier climbing in Turkey, is also one of the few places in the world with high snow quality. is becoming centrally prominent or gaining popularity. Erciyes, the symbol of Kayseri, is one of the winter sports centers of Turkey that has gained importance in recent years. In addition to winter sports, Mount Erciyes offers mountaineering and hiking tourism opportunities. In addition, trekking tours are organized to increase summer activity. The trekking route from the lakes region between Kayseri and Niğde to Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful routes for hiking lovers.

Source: Kayseri Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

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