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Soganli Valley

80 kilometers away from Kayseri, for thousands of years Soğanlı Valley, surrounded by greenery that has witnessed different lives, is home to interesting rock formations used as pigeon houses, caves, shelters, churches and monasteries. Soğanlı valley, which has a very interesting structure geographically, is a very old settlement area and is famous for its churches from the Roman period. The most famous of these churches are; St. Barbara (Tahtalı), Karabaş, Kubbeli and Yılanlı churches.

In this sheltered valley, where Christians chose to settle in the 4th century to keep their faith alive, there are the Domed Church and many churches decorated with beautiful frescoes depicting scenes from the Bible.

Today's settlement is also intertwined with historical ruins. The people of Soğanlı, who welcome their guests with smiling faces, have another feature: they are the creators of the beautiful handmade Soğanlı dolls with their colorful clothes and beads. These dolls made of cloth are very popular.

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