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Ingredients (4-6 Persons)
• Half a kilo of flour
• 1 tea glass of milk or yoghurt
• 2 spoons of oil
• Salt
• Yeast
• Water
For the topping;
• 500 g minced meat
• 2 chopped onions
• Crying red pepper powder
• Parsley
• Oil
• Salt


A medium hard dough is kneaded with flour, yoghurt, oil, salt, yeast and sufficient water. It is left to ferment. When it ferments, it is divided into walnut-sized pieces. The glands are 1 mm. 20-25 cm thick. It is rolled out to a diameter (like the size of lahmacun) and cooked on a sheet metal (it can also be cooked in a pan). For the topping, fry the onion with oil in a pot. Then add red pepper powder and salt to the minced meat and fry it some more. Then add enough water and cook for at least 15 minutes. It is boiled until. The mixture prepared on thick phyllo dough is spread with a spoon one by one, placed on top of each other, cut into four and served with garlic yoghurt.

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