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Koramaz Valley

Koramaz Valley is an earthquake rupture formation that extends by bending from east to west and is approximately 12 km long.

There are seven settlements in the valley that are still inhabited today. These settlements, in order from east to west, are: Büyük Bürüngüz, Subaşı, Küçük Bürüngüz, Ağırnas, Turan, Vekse and Bağpınar.

There is still a common tangible and intangible culture (food, entertainment, games) in these settlements, which is known to have a history of thousands of years. The valley's bottom altitude is 1,500 meters at its easternmost end and 1,165 meters at its westernmost end. This elevation difference causes the Koramaz Stream to flow freely on the valley floor.

Life in the Koramaz Valley, which has continued uninterrupted for thousands of years, has brought with it a unique cultural development. There are unique Mosques, Fountains, Mansions, Houses, Inns, Bridges and Schools of Civil Architecture in the valley. Textile mills, mills, setens, pigeon houses and wineries are historical and cultural buildings for production purposes. Columbariums, Tumuli, Rock Tombs and Cemeteries are unique after-life cultural heritage scattered all over the Valley. There are a total of 40 churches in the valley, 38 of which are rock carved. There are archaeological sites, fossil excavation areas, historical oxcart highways, underground cities, waterways and deposits in the valley. A collection is being prepared to preserve the cultural inventory of the valley.

Koramaz Valley is rich in terms of concrete culture as well as important riches in terms of abstract culture such as Cuisine, Folk Dances and Poems.

To examine the cultural inventory of the valley in more detail, you can examine the subheadings in the top menu.

The number of rock-carved churches identified in the Koramaz Valley to date is 38, while the number of modern churches is 2. The majority of the churches are from the Byzantine period, and rare churches containing unique frescoes are waiting for their guests in the valley.

Ancient Settlements
Koramaz Valley is home to unique ancient settlements. Various structures, known to have been used during the Byzantine period but whose exact purpose is unknown, await researchers interested in exploring in the valley.

Civil Architecture Examples
There are hundreds of mansions/mansions/schools built in the 19th and 20th centuries in the valley. There is an architectural style that dominates the entire valley. As you wander the streets of the settlements in the valley, you will find yourself in a completely different land.

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