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Kayseri Sausage

Sucuk; Sucukluk is a food prepared by mixing beef, garlic and spices and stuffing it into the intestines. It must be subjected to special drying and color removal processes.

Drying process feature: The wind that is hot during the day and cool at night, unique to Kayseri, unlike anywhere else, ensures proper drying of the sausage. This wind does not blow from one direction, but from all directions throughout the year. This wind does not have a local name.

Coloring Feature: The unique red color of sausage is naturally achieved thanks to the nitrate substance found in a certain amount in the groundwater in Kayseri. Sausage meats are washed abundantly with this water before entering the meat grinders.

Production Technique of Kayseri Sucuk: The meats selected for the sausage are first prepared in the form of cubes and chopped in meat grinders by sausage masters who are specially trained for this job. Sucuk is placed in threshing tubs. Sucukluk oil is cut into cubes and placed on top. Add salt, spices, cumin and garlic to this mixture and mix thoroughly. The mixture is left in the boat for 1 day. Sausage dough is prepared by chopping it into fine minced meat in meat grinders. Sausage dough is filled into natural and artificial intestines using special machines. The sausages stuffed into the intestines are dried.

100 kg. Composition of fresh sausage mixture: 80 kg. low-fat beef, 20 kg. beef tallow, 2 kg. 1 kg of sweet red pepper in powder form. Hot red pepper in powder form (Hot red pepper can be increased or decreased as desired.) 2 kg. table salt (iodized or non-iodized, it doesn't matter) 0.5 kg. black pepper, 4 kg. allspice, 2.5 kg. garlic.
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