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Germir-Tavlusun and Derevenk Valley

It is possible to come across the footprints of the past and experience the excitement at any time in the narrow streets of Germir and Tavlus, which are very close to Kayseri, intertwined with history and everywhere covered with history. There are settlements, churches and monasteries carved into the valleys.

In addition, today's residential areas are also very important in terms of architecture. Tavlusun was once a summer resort where bureaucrats in Kayseri lived.

The names of the houses also show this. From these names, it is understood that the Kayseri governor of the time, the mayor, the Kayseri judge and many prominent families lived here.

Tavlusun was previously a place where Turks, Greeks and Armenians lived. This region, where mosques and churches are located side by side, is adjacent to Germir and Mimarsinan District, in the continuation of Talas and Derevenk Valley.

There are 2 registered churches, 3 mosques, 4 fountains, 2 bridges, 1 aqueduct, 1 water well, 1 school and 1 prayer hall in its district.

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