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Bacon; He came to Anatolia with the Turkish raiders migrating west from Central Asia and settled in Kayseri. Since our Central Asian ancestors were always traveling on horses, they also carried their food with them. This caused them to choose dried meat as food. They softened and cooked meat in the places they stayed. When the settled system was established, this tradition continued and the aim of preserving the taste and health of meat was the creation of pastrami and sausage.

Evliya Çelebi praised Kayseri's beef pastrami with cumin in his Travelogue, which he wrote in the 17th century. Our city still maintains its reputation as the place where the best pastrami is made.

Only 40% of a slaughtered animal can be used for bacon. Since it is produced from rough meat, the back, neck and belly sides of the animal are used as pastrami. Since other parts were not suitable for making pastrami, the need to utilize leftover meat gave rise to sausage.

The meat goes through various processes for about a month until it becomes pastrami. Fenugreek is an additive that gives pastrami its essential flavor. Apart from giving flavor, it also has very important functions such as protecting the meat against external factors, preventing it from becoming infected, preventing the meat from drying out more than necessary by killing the microbes in the bacon thanks to the enzymes and organic acids it contains, preventing it from smelling and spoiling by cutting off its contact with air, and preventing the fats in the meat from oxidizing and making the bacon bitter. .
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