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Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls

The average height of the Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, five of which are large and two of which are small, falling in a series side by side, is 40-60 meters, and each of them is strong enough to feed a stream. Kapuzbaşı Waterfall, which is the second highest waterfall in the world, fascinates those who see it. In terms of altitude flow, Kapuzbaşı waterfall flows, which is larger than Niagara in the USA, Imatra in Finland, Tortum in Erzurum, Düden in Antalya and Manavgat, except for the Victoria Falls in Uganda. The altitude of the place is 700 meters.

Where are Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls?

Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls are located on Ensenin Hill, north of Küçükçakır Village in Kayseri Yahyalı District. It is 55-65 kilometers away from Yahyalı district. Transportation is provided by two separate routes. The entire road that provides access to the naturally beautiful Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls at the top of the Taurus Mountains has been asphalted. While it used to take three hours to reach the waterfall, it is now possible to reach it in 1.5 hours.

Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls are among the largest waterfalls in our country due to their water flowing abundantly throughout the year and their high height. Seven waterfalls, side by side, flowing down the mountain slopes as if competing with each other, are among the unique beauties that nature has gifted to Kayseri.

The pure white flowing Kapuzbaşı waterfalls, with picnic areas around them, create a perfect environment to spend a nice day accompanied by the peaceful and relaxing sound of the water. The waterfalls on the most popular trekking track in Kayseri offer a walking experience accompanied by unique views.

There are seven waterfalls in the region, five of which are large and two of which are small, with heights ranging from 40 to 80 meters, and each of which is strong enough to feed the stream. In addition, Derebağ Kesteliç Waterfall, 7 kilometers away from the town, is a natural wonder that will impress those who want to see it, with its magnificence that will fascinate those who see it.

Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls are within the borders of Aladağlar National Park. The waterfall is one of the most beautiful stopping points of the Aladağlar trekking route. The groups, which complete the Aladağlar crossing between Adana and Kayseri in 5 days, set up tents and stay next to Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls on the 4th day. The region, which is 2 thousand meters above sea level, should be visited in the summer months. Aladağ and Aksu streams, flowing from a height of 70 meters and from 7 different points in Kapuzbaşı, create a magnificent view. Because the flow rate is very high, water particles spread over a wide area and create a pleasant feeling of coolness in the summer months.

Source: Kayseri Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism 

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